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Welcome to Studio Records online shop for New and Used Music.

I am pleased you have found our site. Using the menu above you can find New and Pre-owned music CDs, Vinyl Albums, Vinyl Singles, Music DVDs and Blu-ray.

We also stock some scarce Music Cassettes, 8 Track Cartridges, 10″ 78rpm and other Memorabilia.

Being sellers of quality music, we are always looking to Buy your music items, large or small Record and CD collections. We travel Essex, Kent, London and further for your collection.

We pay very good prices for your unwanted music.
Please telephone us (07514 372641) or use the contact form.

2024 Start your Collection - New 180g Vinyl Albums

Where can I buy music CDs?
Where to buy music CDs?

Studio Records based in Essex, England. Sell new and used music CDs, all their used CD albums are in the best condition and will normally appear like new.
They carry a good stock of used original CDs, but also stock New CDs at good prices. Available are standard, speciality and rare CDs.

Are CDs worth anything?

In general Music CDs have no real value apart from the music content and physical product itself. However there are CDs that have been deleted and/or have collector status which can have some value. See our article on CD values and collectability.

  • Blues – Information, Examples of Artists and music we have in stock.

  • R&B (Traditional) – Here you will find information and music we have in stock.

  • Soul – 

  • Funk

  • Folk

  • Rock

  • Metal

  • Reggae

  • Punk

  • Country


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